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Meet Our New Guest Writer/Entrepreneur: Read With Mrs. A, Madison Anderson

Meet our new Guest Writer: Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Teacher, Madison Anderson.


Madison Anderson is from San Diego, California. Before moving to Fort Wayne, Madison was a teacher for four years, teaching special education and reading intervention. In June of 2022, Madison, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter moved to Fort Wayne. Once they arrived, Madison knew she wanted to take a step back from teaching so she could stay home with her daughter before she started preschool. Soon after they got settled, a mother from the school Madison taught at in San Diego reached out to her to see if she would be willing to tutor her son via Zoom. Madison agreed, and soon after, she began teaching his two other siblings as well. Tutoring these children sparked an idea in Madison, and she decided to launch a tutoring business to continue helping other children who struggle with reading.

Today, Madison is tutoring 15 kids, but once her daughter starts preschool in the fall, she plans to start accepting more clients.

Through our platform, Madison hopes to reach more parents with school-aged children to help provide them with tools for reading instruction. She wants to show parents that there is a correct way to teach reading and educate them on the topic so they can help their kids at home. Aside from educating parents, Madison plans to provide knowledge and inspiration to other teachers who may be looking to start their own business outside of teaching.

We are excited to have Madison as a part of the Fort Wayne Business Journal team, and we can’t wait to see all the exciting topics she writes about each month!


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