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About the Fort Wayne Business Journal

What The Business Journal Provides 

1. We publish stories about our Local Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders who are shaping Fort Wayne into what it is today. 

2. Local Business Happenings and Events 

3. Entrepreneurship and Business 

 We started our first business in 2017. Throughout the years we have learned several things about how to sell, manage, hire, and grow a company. When thinking of the next business idea we stumbled upon a couple of things that were way off from this business. We kept coming up with businesses to start that other people may like but ultimately couldn't land on something that made us excited. So we shifted our thinking and asked, what do we truly enjoy? The answer to this really kept boiling down to; our community, entrepreneurship, and learning about businesses. With this transition, we decided to create a space where we could focus on just that. Creating content to help share, inspire, and inform others of the wonderful journey of entrepreneurship and local business.

We will frequently be updating our website because we want your experience to be simple and stress-free. If you have any questions or suggestions, never hesitate to email us at 

Welcome to the Fort Wayne Business Journal.

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