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What's going on this Weekend in the Fort? September 8th - 10th 2023

What are you doing this weekend? At the Fort Wayne Business Journal, we share every Wednesday what is going on this weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana! If you are visiting Fort Wayne or just want to try something new, check out our business journal every Wednesday!

This Weekend

  1. 41st Annual West Central and Neighborhood Home and Garden Tour - Saturday Sept 9th-Sunday Sept 10th

  2. Fox Face Plate - Saturday Sept 9th

  3. Dino Day - Every weekend in Sept

  4. Autism Ally Autism Acceptance Walk - Sunday Sept 10th

  5. Monarch Festival - Sunday Sept 10th

If you know of any local events in Fort Wayne, contact us:

Fort Wayne is a growing city with new events and happening. Stay informed at the Fort Wayne Business Journal


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