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The Pearl, a nearly 80 Million Dollar Mix-Use Marvel Set to Elevate Downtown Fort Wayne in 2024

The Pearl is nearly $80 Million Dollars multi use building in Downtown Fort Wayne! Today was the topping Ceremony of The Pearl for the $80 million dollar property.
Updated pictures of 7 floors coming soon!

It was a big day for Surack Entreprise, the Surack Family, Weigand Construction, and everyone involved in the progress of The Pearl. Today, they placed the topmost beam during the Topping Ceremony in Fort Wayne. This ceremony was celebrating the highest point. The Pearl will be coming in at 7 stories tall!

More about The Pearl Downtown Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is about to witness a transformation with the upcoming arrival of "The Pearl," a groundbreaking mixed-use development set to reshape the heart of the city. Scheduled to be finished in 2024, this nearly 80 million dollar project aims to be a central hub of growth, offering abundant opportunities for businesses, entertainment, and culture. 

A Vibrant Hub of Possibilities in Downtown Fort Wayne

The Pearl will bring a world of possibilities, giving the local business community a fresh boost. From retail spaces to restaurants, live music venues, and artistic hubs, the Pearl will entertain both residents and visitors alike, making it a go-to destination for all. The Pearl's spot on Main Street, in the lively downtown area, makes it easy for everyone to get to and enjoy. It's packed with exciting things to do and see, blending in smoothly with other neat places nearby. 

A Haven for Business and Residential Ventures

The Pearl also embraces commercial and residential spaces. Spanning 12,000 square feet of street-level retail space, the project will undoubtedly attract dynamic business ventures, supported by the foot traffic from the residential areas above. A total of 76 single and multi-bedroom apartments, along with five distinctive live/work storefronts, will provide a unique style of downtown living, promoting a sense of community and growth.

A Vision Brought to Life by Surack Enterprises and the City of Fort Wayne

The visionary minds behind The Pearl are Chuck Surack, founder of Sweetwater, and Lisa Surack. In partnership with the City of Fort Wayne's Community Development Division, they aim to create a seven-story masterpiece. The ground floor alone will offer over 35,000 square feet of commercial and event space, while structured parking facilities will cater to the needs of Pearl's residents. Moreover, the development will feature an impressive 75 units on its upper floors, ensuring ample opportunities for tenants.

Paving the Way for Community Growth

The Pearl is not just a real estate endeavor, it symbolizes the possibilities that can only happen between the collaboration of private and public entities. With the Suracks' investment of up to $7 million to enhance the surrounding streets and public infrastructure, this project showcases how public-private partnerships can benefit the entire community. The city of Fort Wayne eagerly awaits the transformative impact of The Pearl, which promises to elevate the downtown experience for both residents and visitors alike.

For more information about The Pearl:

Nearly $80 Million Dollar property, The Pearl in Fort Wayne had a ceremony on the milestones for the Surack Entreprise, The Pearl Celebrates the finishing of the top beam of the 7 story building in downtown.

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