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National Small Business Week Fort Wayne

National Small Business Week in Fort Wayne support and recognition of small business. We support our local businesses and entrepreneurs that are helping Fort Wayne economy thrive.

National small businesses week ends today. We would like to give some recognition to the business community. Supporting small businesses in the Fort Wayne community is needed for our city's growth and local economy. With small businesses, we get more of a variety of products and services at our convenience, which is always an economic gain. Small businesses and mom-and-pop shops bring innovation to manufacturing, technology, health care, distribution, education, retail, service businesses, etc. Fort Wayne small businesses are thriving more than ever right now. You don’t want to miss out. Support your favorite local small business this weekend by purchasing something or leaving a comment saying thanks!

We also want to thank our local small businesses because we know how hard it can get mentally, emotionally, and physically in life and business. Thank you for taking the chance and risk to provide for the community in hard times. Keep on working hard.

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