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How we choose the Fort Wayne Business Journal name

While we get the story together for our first business, we would like to get started on our business articles!

When starting this journal, we wanted Fort Wayne in the name to make it about our beautiful city, plus it’s also a business page. We picked Journal because we hope to make it authentic and more personal to you so you can relate!

We also started this business because we own a local business in Fort Wayne, Hoosier Quality Cleaning. We are growing, handling employees, and managing the business! We plan to share our experience and other business owners' experiences because we are all together! After being in business, we looked around at all the new people we met and saw we had a business community already. With the people we know working very hard to make Fort Wayne what it is today, we would love to give you a peek and get you started in your entrepreneurial journey

We hope we can share and inspire you with business owners and their stories, the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and business information you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned to see what local business we do 1st!


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