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Big Ice, Big Moves: Specialty Cocktail Ice comes to Fort Wayne, IN by Acquiring Cubicle Ice LLC

Big Ice, a specialty cocktail ice maker, completed the acquisition of Cubeicle Ice LLC, a specialty ice producer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This strategic move will greatly enhance Big Ice's production capabilities and support its rapid expansion across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The company is now able to distribute its products to major cities such as Indianapolis, Columbus, Fort Wayne, and Louisville. To meet the growing demand, Big Ice will also be relocating to a larger facility in Blue Ash by the end of the year.

Big Ice makes a big move, establishing brand as a regional powerhouse in specialty Cocktail Ice. The acquisition of Fort Wayne, Indiana-based company will expand the Cinnicinati-based company.

With this acquisition, Big Ice has gained over 40 new hospitality partners, further strengthening its already impressive portfolio of top restaurants, hotels, bars, and event venues in the region. This expansion marks an exciting milestone for BIG ICE as it continues to establish itself as a leading provider of specialty ice in the area.


Big Ice is a Cincinnati-based specialty ice company producing crystal clear, handcrafted, cocktail ice. Founded by James Ferguson in 2021, Big Ice has earned a reputation for excellence in providing high-quality ice solutions to elevate the craft cocktail experience. With a commitment to innovation, Big Ice continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of specialty ice. Today, Big Ice is the largest specialty ice producer in the mid-west region and can be found in over 100 bars, restaurants, hotels, and venues across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The company boasts over 250 club members and is available in 6 specialty retailers in the Cincinnati area. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana is a growing city and attracting business from Cincinnati, Ohio like Big Ice to come do business in our growing city. Big ice is a growing company that are changing the ice game.

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