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Alcohol-Free, Swizzle at Jefferson Pointe Mall in Fort Wayne, IN

Swizzle, a leader in alcohol-free beverages, is thrilled to unveil its store at 4130 West Jefferson Boulevard, Fort Wayne, I-3, in Jefferson Pointe Mall. Between Talbots and J. Jill.

Known for its exceptional range of non-alcoholic wines, beers, spirits, and more, Swizzle is dedicated to offering drink options that fit a variety of lifestyles and preferences. This new location is a significant milestone in Swizzle’s mission to make delicious and inclusive beverage choices readily available to everyone.


Local Founder Crystal Vann Wallstrom’s vision for Swizzle extends beyond merely providing alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Her focus is on creating an inclusive environment where everyone can find something special for social events, whether they choose to drink alcohol or not.


Swizzle’s expansion is timely, as there is a growing trend towards mindful drinking and a desire for healthier lifestyle choices. The new location is set to meet this demand, offering a diverse selection of alcohol-free beverages that do not compromise on taste or experience.


With few alcohol-free stores in Fort Wayne, Swizzle’s new location stands out as a unique destination for those seeking high-quality, non-alcoholic beverages. This expansion not only fills a niche in the market but also underscores Swizzle’s commitment to offering inclusive beverage choices, making it easier for the local community to enjoy a diverse range of alcohol-free options.


The store is set to become a go-to destination for individuals looking to enjoy high-quality, non-alcoholic beverages in a variety of settings, furthering Swizzle’s mission to ensure there’s something special for everyone in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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