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A Vision for Education: Homestead High Schools Renovation and Addition Project

Entrance to Homestead High School Football in Southwest Allen County
Homestead High School

Homestead High School is in the midst of an exciting renovation and addition project, truly living up to Southwest Allen County School’s slogan of "Preparing Today's Learners for Tomorrow’s Opportunities."

The project began in 2020 and is estimated to be completed by 2024 at a cost of $169 million. New additions involve a “1,000-seat auditorium, black-box theater, 3,000-seat competition gymnasium, dynamic media center, as well as the art, music, physical education, support, and core learning spaces necessary to empower twenty-first century students.” (MKM Design)

This is the property in Fort Wayne, Homestead High School is doing a renovation on
Homestead High School Property

Homestead High School's renovation and addition project is more than just construction work. It is a vision for the future of education. The project will expand the facility to accommodate 3,000 additional students and to fulfill programming needs, providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and a modern educational experience. The project is not only a significant investment in the future of Homestead High School, but the very students that occupy it as well.

The Homestead High School Additions and Renovations Project involves multiple stakeholders and constituents, including staff, students, and the Southwest Allen County community.

Additions and renovations for homestead high school in Fort Wayne, Southwest Allen County

The renovations involve several companies that are working together to ensure the success of the project. MKM Design, CSO Architecture and Design, Performance Services, and Hagerman Group are all essential contributors to the project. MKM Design, and CSO Architecture and Design took the responsibility of designing the building and new additions. Performance Services is responsibe for the design and installation of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection portion of the project. Hagerman Group is responsible for the construction and overall project management of the renovation

and addition project. The design team has collaborated to maximize the amount of new space to be constructed while leveraging portions of the existing facility to reach the desired program requirements.

As of now, several parts of the renovation and expansion project have been completed, including the Grand Entrance, where students enter and depart from buses, the modernized weight and strength room, the new media recording studio, parking spaces, and many other facilities are being worked on everyday.

However, these renovations have not been without challenges. In an interview with Homestead's principal, Susan Summers, it was revealed that a major setback was caused by the delay in receiving an electrical box that was crucial to the progression of the renovation process. This part, which should have taken a week to arrive, took several months. Additionally, the construction industry has been facing on and off labor shortages, which has slowed down progress at times.

Despite these setbacks, the renovation project is still on track to be completed in 2024. Once completed, the changes are expected to have a significant impact on the school's academic programs and extracurricular activities. The new facilities will provide students with greater opportunities to explore and develop their talents in the performing arts, physical education, and overall academic performance.

The Homestead High School Additions and Renovations Project is a forward-looking initiative that reflects a significant commitment to the future of education. The renovated and expanded facilities will offer Homestead's students more opportunities to explore and develop their talents, interests, and passions. They will also create a more modern and engaging learning environment that is better suited to the needs of twenty-first century students. As the project moves closer to its 2024 completion date, the excitement and anticipation continue to build, signaling a bright future for Homestead High School and the students it serves.


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