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What’s Happening Wednesday: Weekend Events Happening in Fort Wayne June 21-June 23, 2024

Get ready for an exciting weekend in Fort Wayne! Including the Allen County Fair, Greek Fest, Home and Garden Tours, Kate’s Kart Ice Cream Social, and ending the weekend at Painting with a Purpose at Promenade Park. Enjoy a weekend full of fun, support great causes, and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

  1. Allen County Fair: 2726 Carroll Road Fort Wayne, IN 46818

  2. 2024 Greek Fest: 333 S Clinton St Fort Wayne, IN 46802

  3. Historic Home and Garden Tour: 3000 South Wayne Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46802

  4. Kate’s Kart 16th Annual Ice Cream Social: List of Participating Ice Cream Shops -

  5. Paint with a Purpose: Family and Sensory Expo: 202 W Superior St Fort Wayne, IN 46802


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