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Unlocking the Potential of Bass Road: Opportunity and Growth

Fort Wayne, Indiana is building new roads, neighborhoods, Homes, and Businesses. Big investments are coming to Bass Road as Fort Wayne Builds it's city.
Bass Road Expanding

One of the most prominent roads in Fort Wayne is Illinois Road, which is well-known for its numerous businesses and attractions. However, Bass Road, which runs from County Line to Spring Street, can potentially become the next Illinois Road. This article will explore the history of Bass Road, what makes Illinois Road popular, and the steps that need to be taken for Bass Road to become a more frequently traveled road like Illinois.

Bass Road has a rich history that dates back to the 1900s. It is named after John H. Bass, one of Fort Wayne’s first and greatest industrialists. His contributions to the community helped establish Fort Wayne's early economic growth. His mansion, “Brookside,” located on the west side of town, was the finest residence in the region. Today, the estate serves as a campus administration building for the University of Saint Francis. Bass Road serves as a cut-off line between Southwest and Northwest Allen County.

Illinois Road is a busy street known for its range of shops, restaurants, and businesses lining its length. It stretches from Fort Wayne's western suburbs to downtown Fort Wayne, and it has become a popular destination for both residents and visitors alike. Illinois Road is also home to many large retailers, such as Target, Meijer, Aldi, and Kroger, making it a central shopping hub in Fort Wayne. Given its popularity and vibrant economy, many businesses seek to locate on Illinois Road to capitalize on the significant traffic and customer base.

Neighborhoods being built off Bass Road in Southwest Allen County. Fort Wayne housing market is growing as well as commercial properties for business.
New Neighborhoods

There are many new buildings and establishments along Bass Road. Some new additions to the area include Granite Ridge, a new neighborhood, Aboite Christian School, and Wellington Reserve. Additionally, API has an ongoing construction site along Bass Road. There are also commercial properties for sale, such as the Century 21 and BND Commercial properties, which provides opportunities for new businesses and investors to establish themselves in the area. These new developments are a promising sign for the future of Bass Road, as they indicate growing interest and investment in the area.

With Fort Wayne, Indiana expanding, the opportunity in investement properties or growing a business. Fort Wayne is a great place to start and grow a business.

However, despite the recent developments, Bass Road still has a long way to go before it can match the popularity of Illinois Road. Illinois Road is known for its abundance of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. The Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center, located on Illinois Road, is a prime example of what draws people to the area.

To make Bass Road more attractive to visitors and locals alike, several steps need to be taken. One crucial step is to continue investing in the area's development, both in terms of commercial and residential properties. This will attract more businesses and residents to the area and create more demand for services and amenities. Another important step is to improve the infrastructure along the road, including sidewalks, streetlights, and public transportation options. Furthermore, investing in the beautification of the road, such as planting trees and flowers, will make it more visually appealing and attract more attention.


In conclusion, Bass Road has the potential to become a trendy destination for businesses and residents in Fort Wayne. With its rich history, recent developments, and growing interest from investors, the road is poised for future growth. However, it will take continued investment in commercial and residential properties, as well as infrastructure and developmental efforts, to make Bass Road as vibrant and attractive as Illinois Road. By taking these steps, Bass Road can become a bustling hub of activity in Fort Wayne and continue contributing to the city's economic growth and success.

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