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Is Sweetcars Expanding into the Old Westwood Lanes Bowling Alley?

Sweetcars has been a luxury car icon when it comes to Fort Wayne, Indiana. This luxury car dealership got started in 2010 and brought a new market for our Fort Wayne residents. Located off W Jefferson Blvd Sweetcars is expanding.

As you drive down West Jefferson Boulevard, heading towards or away from downtown Fort Wayne, IN, you can't help but notice Sweetcars, located at 2404 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN; a luxury car dealership formed in 2010. For those who have grown up in Fort Wayne, IN, or have been here for many years, you may remember Westwood Lanes bowling alley. The bowling alley was located directly behind Sweetcars and has been around since 1962. In 2017, Westwood closed their doors indefinitely and put the building up for sale. If you’ve passed this area recently, you will notice the outside of this 30,000-square-foot building is now painted to match the Sweetcars building and proudly displays a Sweetcars sign in place of the old bowling alley display.

If this building were bought, it would provide Sweetcars with a conjoined parking lot, allowing significantly more parking, extra lot space, and adding value to the company as a whole. 

We reached out to the team to learn more about what their hopes are for the building, but we have not received a response at this time. Once we know more information, we will keep you updated!

Located at 2404 W Jefferson Blvd Sweetcars a luxury car dealership is expanding into the Westwood Lanes a old Fort Wayne, IN Bowling alley. Westwood lanes closed its doors in 2017. As New ownership takes place Sweetcars is finally expanding into the old bowling alley.

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