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Hair Today: Pamela Zehr (Gephart) takes on the journey of becoming a salon owner

Many people start their careers without the intention of becoming a business owner. Until one day, when the opportunity presents itself, they decide to take the leap and follow a new path. This was true for Pamela, owner of Hair Today off Jefferson Blvd.

Hair Today is located off west jefferson blvd. They specialize in hair cuts, hair color, and trendy hair styles.

Pamela Zehr (Gephart) grew up in Fort Wayne and is a Carroll High School alumni. Throughout high school, she was a part of the band playing the clarinet. After graduation, she immediately went to beauty school at Rudae’s and received her cosmetology license in 2002. Ready to start her career as a stylist, she set out to find a salon and came across an ad in the newspaper for Hair Today. She was able to lock in an interview and get the job!

Throughout the next few years, she never imagined that she would own her own business. She loved what she did and intended to stay a stylist until she had a family of her own and could stay home with her children. One day, Charlie, the founder of Hair Today, who started the company in 1965, mentioned he was considering selling the business. This sparked something in Pam she never thought of before. She loved Hair Today, the salon, the company Charlie created, the people working there, and their clientele. She knew she didn’t want anything to happen to it or for it to disappear and become an entirely different business, so she told Charlie whenever the day came that he was ready to sell, she wanted to buy it. She wanted to preserve his legacy and carry it forward.

Pam married and had two boys over the next few years, but her mind never changed; she wanted to buy the company. When the time came that Charlie was finally ready to sell, on October 1st, 2022, Pam became the new proud owner of Hair Today.

Since she’s taken over ownership, things have been relatively smooth. Charlie is still around, so she has a great mentor to ask questions and bounce ideas off whenever she needs to. She has plans to paint the salon soon and hopefully update other things throughout the next few years. She still intends to keep the same vibe and culture within the salon. During our conversation, she said,

“We want people to know that you can come in and feel welcomed. We can do trendy things as well as do things that are outside the box. We want people to know that we’re not stuck in the 2000s. We are ready to move forward but will always maintain that welcoming family environment.”
Hair Today is ready to help you with any of your perm, blowout, styling, and hair dying needs. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana serving children and adults alike.

Hair Today has six stylists who have worked together for over seven years. Pam says everyone that works there is like family. They’ve all attended many hair expos together, and some have been working side by side for over a decade. All the stylists strive to stay “in the know” of all the trending hairstyles and color palettes, and they’re trained to cut, style, and color hair for all ages. They will soon be on the hunt for new stylists to join their team, so if you or someone you know wants to be a part of this growing business and join the Hair Today family, keep an eye out for the job listing!

When we asked Pam what the most challenging part of transitioning into this new role was, she said it was learning to balance her time between being behind the chair for her clients, doing the back-end work for the business, and spending time with her family. What she enjoys most about becoming a business owner is seeing the numbers daily, ordering products, and learning all the behind-the-scenes roles required of business owners when she’s not behind the chair. Pam is passionate about Hair Today, her employees, and their clients. She is ready to continue the legacy and welcome anyone who enters their doors.

If you or anyone you know needs a fresh haircut, new hair color, or cute style for a special event, check out Hair Today at 3942 W Jefferson Blvd or call them at (260)432-2269 to book an appointment; all of their stylists would love to help you!

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