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Damage at Jefferson Pointe Mall: Fountain Vandalized

Jefferson Pointe Fountain before and after picture of the fountain collapse. The fountain was vandalized June 21st, 2023 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Before & After

Jefferson Pointe, Fort Wayne's beloved shopping mall, was recently struck by an unfortunate incident as the iconic Jefferson Pointe Fountain suffered vandalism, leaving it in ruins. The fountain, an integral part of the mall's identity and a centerpiece of community gatherings has sparked feelings of nostalgia and excitement for years. This article delves into the history behind the Jefferson Pointe Fountain, explores the recent incident, and contemplates what the future might hold for this cherished landmark.

The fountain at Jefferson Pointe Mall is the center piece of our Fort Wayne Shopping Mall. Built in August 2001, by Red Development.
Taken April 15, 2023


The Jefferson Pointe Fountain has been an enduring fixture in the hearts of Fort Wayne residents since its donation and unveiling in August 2001.

Jefferson Pointe by the following companies for the enjoyment of all who visit Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Donated by Companies

The fountain was not merely a water feature but a symbol of unity and entertainment. Nestled in the center of the mall, it played a vital role in the shopping experience, captivating visitors with its mesmerizing displays of water and music.

However, the recent act of vandalism left the Jefferson Pointe Fountain in a state of disarray.

With the Air quality being poor in the skys of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is a picture of a fountain fallen over by a kid trying to act like Spider-Man at Jefferson Pointe Mall.
According to Wane 15, a 15-year-old boy accompanied by a 16-year-old girl, inspired by the recent Spider-Man movie, was actively climbing the fountain when it unexpectedly collapsed. Although the incident resulted in minor injuries to the boy, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible behavior and the consequences that can arise from thoughtless actions.

Looking toward the future, Jefferson Pointe Fountain remains uncertain but bright. The restoration process will require careful planning, expertise, and financial resources. While it may take time to revive the fountain to its former glory, the community is determined to see it restored.

Spider-Man break fountain at Jefferson Pointe Mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


The Jefferson Pointe Fountain, once a symbol of unity and a centerpiece of entertainment, may have been wrecked by an unfortunate incident. However, its legacy lives on in the hearts and memories of the community. As Jefferson Pointe and Fort Wayne rally together to restore this cherished landmark, the future holds the promise of a renewed fountain that will continue to inspire joy, wonder, and a sense of togetherness for generations to come.


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Fort Wayne Business Journal news story over Fort Wayne Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center Fountain collapse because of vandalism.



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